ARCO Partner of Mushroom Valley

ARCO is a proud partner of the Mushroom Valley Foundation, a platform in which various parties such as entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions, and government work together and that serves as a catalyst for innovation and knowledge sharing in the mushroom sector. Through its membership in Mushroom Valley, ARCO intends to contribute to innovation in the processing and packaging of mushrooms throughout the sector.

Mushroom processing lines
ARCO has been active in the mushroom sector since the company's founding. ARCO supplies the mushroom processing lines, weighing systems, process conveyors, internal transport systems, and packaging machines to the largest mushroom growers in numerous countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, and Poland.

Mushroom Valley consists of entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions, and the government, all with a common interest in the mushroom sector. ARCO sees this as an excellent opportunity to stimulate innovation with regard to the processing and packaging of mushrooms using the knowledge present.

ARCO director Albert Vermeulen says, ‘With the founding of this platform we are creating a network of ambassadors for the mushroom sector. It is fantastic that the cooperation and knowledge sharing among companies, schools, and the government is getting a boost. We are convinced that in the long run this will benefit both the mushroom industry and the economy. We at ARCO are happy to be doing our part.’

About Mushroom Valley

The purpose of this initiative is to maintain and strengthen the current economic position of the mushroom industry. The Horst aan de Maas region has always had a pivotal function when it comes to the production and processing of mushrooms, with a clear focus on champignons. From this position, the periphery around the sector has also developed very strongly. The municipality of Horst aan de Maas launched a study to explore opportunities for development of a platform for the purpose of ensuring that the previously developed economic activity revolving around the sector in this region is maintained and strengthened in the future. The study resulted in the establishment of the Mushroom Valley Foundation in April 2017.

Objectives of Mushroom Valley
To implement the ideas sector-wide goals have been established for Mushroom Valley. These include profiling and positioning the platform to the market and community, with Mushroom Valley serving as a partner to local, national, and international organizations. Mushroom Valley also focuses on cooperation with educational institutions and the safeguarding of knowledge.