Course mushroom growing

Delphy offers the following course: 

Short Course Edible Mushroom Growing (Shiitake - Oyster Pleurotus - Eryngii - Nameko – Maitake) 

23 – 26 October 2018
During this course all aspects of growing with sterilized and pasteurized substrates will be dealt with. We will visit spawn and substrate suppliers, technical companies and several edible mushroom farms during the course. The official language is English. The courses will be directed by Niek de Ligt and Jan Gielen with guest lectures from experienced edible mushroom growers and substrate producers. The 4 days course fee will be Euro 1125,- (excl. VAT) per person (including 1st day course opening dinner, lunch and transport related to the course). Enrolment is possible until 1 October 2018 or until a maximum number (16) of participants is reached.

Delphy Mushrooms HORST, THE NETHERLANDS (2 days)

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